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Alumni of Genesis Programs play an active role in the support and encouragement of our current patients in treatment, helping them learn one of the most challenging aspects of recovery–how to have fun in sobriety.

For most people entering treatment, alcohol and other drugs became an integral part of all social plans. As substance use progressed, gradually the use of the substances replaced most social plans altogether. Many of those who begin their recovery have become socially isolated, living a life of secrecy and shame. Resocialization is a key component of recovery.

Our Alumni Association participates in many activities that include our current patients, showing them the way to have fun without chemicals. Some of the activities sponsored by our alumni include the following:

  • Holiday gatherings and potlucks.
  • Bowling tournaments
  • Picnics and barbeques
  • Outings to sporting events
  • Christmas Toy Drive

Learning to play and have fun is key to ongoing recovery, helping to overcome our tendency toward self-centeredness and self-obsession. It is a vital part of the Genesis Program.

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